​The village Zonnemaire is central based on Schouwen-Duiveland and has around 750 inhabitants. Zonnemaire is a small but lively village. Various activities are organized throughout the year (from Kings-night and the summer festival to the culinary route in December). Nearby villages such as Noordgouwe and Dreischor are worth a visit.

Zonnemaire is derived from Sonnemare or Sunnonmeri. This was the water that separted the islands Bommenende and Schouwen. First this trench was called ‘de Sonne’. When this word wasn’t used anymore, Mare was added to it. However both words mean water, so actually Sonnemare means water-water.


The peninsula Schouwen-Duiveland is one of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands. It covers an area of 488,94 km2, of wicht 257,87 km2 consists of water. The island’s capital is Zierikzee; one of the most important cityes of Holland and Zeeland during the Middle Ages. The prosperity was mainly due to merchant shipping, fishing, cloth industry and the salt industry. In 1248 the city rights of Zierikzee were confirmed by Willem II of Holland. Brouwershaven, the only other city on the island, is slightly younger; in 1440 city rights were allocated to this village.

In 1953 the flood disaster took place and 531 residents of the island lost their lives; the Delta works were born from this. In 1965 the island got its first fixed connections with the rest of Zeeland; the Zeeland bridge and the Gerelvingen dam. The Brouwersdam followed in 1972 and the Oosterschelde kering (barrier) in 1986. Since then, Schouwen-Duiveland is known for its beaches where surfing and sailing is popular and the under water world is favourit for divers. But nature and cultural history are making it also an attractive recreational destination. Het island has 859 national monuments, of which Zierikzee has nog fewer than 379.  


Zeeland has a rich history and this can be experienced in the many regional museums. There are several museum both in the direct surrounding as a little further away.

Stories about water, that is what this museum is about. Stories about the flood of ’53, about the reconstruction, about the Delta Works and stories about water safety.

Neeltje Jans
Everything about the Delta Works, the 1953 flood and marine animals. But also enjoy the water park or relax on a cruise on the Oosterschelde.​

Zeeuws museum
Discover the unexpected side of Zeeland in the Zeeuws Museum, located in the medieval abbey of Middelburg. From fashion and regional dress to history, tapestries and art.

The Zeeland Maritime Museum in Vlissingen has a large collection of objects of a mainly historical and maritime nature. The size and variety of the Sea Archeological collection is one of the most important in the Netherlands.


Zeeland, but certainly Schouwen Duiveland is great diving location for both people from the area as well for divers from abroad.

The Grevelingen, the largest saltwater lake in Western Europe, attracts divers from far away. You can see a lot and due to the lack of tide, it is a good place to learn how to dive. You can find shipwrecks together with many anemones, starfish, bagpipes, sponges and eels.

The Oosterschelde is a diver’s hotspot due to, among other things, the special sepias (cuttlefish). Due to the current and the tide, more diving experience is required for this. At Zierikzee (Zeelandbrug) a versatile collection of tunicates, bread sponges, sea anchors and shrimp and large lobsters can be spotted.

The North sea provides an experience for seasoned sport divers; due to the strong currents and waves, experience in open water diving is necessary. The bottom is covered wih thousands of ship wrecks. Most wrecks are beautifully overgrown and a feast for the eye and the camera. Cable glands of 1 meter are no expetion and dog sharks are becoming increasingly more common.

This site shows all diving places in Zeeland, including a despription of the place. ​


The national bicylce platform has decided that Zeeland is a 5-start cycling province. This is the highest possible score for a cylcing province. The quality of the bicylce junction system, the maintanance of the network, the accessability of the route information and the many bicycle café along the route are decisive.

With the extensive bicycle junction system you can create your own route based on numbers on road signs. You can choose to cycle ‘in’ or ‘out’ the wind and you can cycle both ways (left or right). 

Various walking and cycling routes start from the Hofstede via Route.nl. Via this link you can see, for example, a route of 50 kilometers over the Schouwse part of the island.

Bird Watchers

The Naterkreek is located from the binnendijk (inner dike) in Zonnemaire, between the village and the Grevelingen. This water is a remnant of a creek that was created after a dyke breach. This small nature reserve is very important for many bird species. In the spring and summer it is crowded by spoonbills, brown harriers and various geese and duck species. Clots, oystercatchers and little egrets also find their way in the shallow water.

Staatsbosbeheer (organisation commissioned by the Dutch government to strengthen the position of nature in the Netherlands) lets nature take its course here. The creek will slowly bog up, causing vegetation and bird populations to change in the coming years. The area is not accessible but easy to view from the Grevelingendijk or the binnendijk / inner dike that cuts through the area.

In the further surroundings is the south coast of Schouwen; Plan Tureluur (Redshank)  a place you don’t want to miss. Bird watching can actually be done anywhere, it is a matter of keeping eyes and ears open. You will find a lot of different birds, especially in the inlays and swallows. Plan Tureluur has been developed to compensate for lost tidal area outside the dykes, caused by the arrival of the Delta Works. With mud, water, safe drought and a lot of shallow water and swampy land, it has become a bird paradise. Clik here for beautiful places.


Nothing clears the head like a good hike! Schouwen-Duiveland is a great island to go for a hike; both on the beach as through the dunes. But there are also nice wooded areas to hike by and through. Follow this link or this one (both links only in Dutch) for some good hiking routes.

There are also hiking routes for the small towns of Zierikzee and Brouwershaven. Visit the VVV office for more information about them.


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