Swirl through Zonnemaire, from appetizer to dessert

It is and remains a success number. At the Culinary Route Zonnemaire, guests eat their entree, passage, dinner and dessert in a different location. This year, Saturday 21 December, with a musical afterparty at snack bar Bommenede.

Rock band Rebound performs there. Eaters of the culinaiy route can join the afterparrty from 9 p.m. The snack bar is also one of the participants in the route. Village house de Maire, d’Ouwe Smisse, Hofstede Villetta (with Oscar Antonisen and Wyona Praet as new owners) and windmill De Korenbloem complete the all-course meal.

Gather at the mill for an aperitif. From there, the groups will hike to the establishments. A different dish awaits each participant. Around 60 eaters can participate. Not only are the eaters always eager to register, the organizers also find the culinary route an annual celebration. Everyone gives their dishes their own twist, complementary to their own style. You can register up to Monday 16 December at of the participants in the route.

Source: https://www.pzc.nl/