+++At full speed+++

We haven’t shared that much online lately and that’s not because we have nothing to say, but simply because we are so busy. Today we took some time to sit down and give a small update of our ins and outs.

Although the weather is not entirely cooperating, it is currently high summer and we are fully booked almost every day. And with 12 different rooms and apartments and a total of 30 beds, that’s very nice!

This means that in the morning as soon as we get down, we immediately start preparing breakfast for all guests (about 15 to 25 breakfasts at a time), often before we have breakfast ourselves.

The guests get their breakfast between half past eight and 10 o’clock and after that we immediately start cleaning up and washing the dishes. At around 11 am, all guests departing have checked out and the cleaning of the rooms can be started. New guests can check in again at 2 pm, so this often takes a while (and we don’t have to do this alone. We have good help!)

Between 2 and 6 pm the new guests arrive and we always hope that everyone is in for our dinner, but you guessed it, very often someone comes in just around that time. And that’s totally okay!
We can of course choose to eat a little later when everyone is already inside, but with our children of 2 and 4 years that is not ideal, so we’ll just start eating and see!

In between the above, we answer all e-mails and telephone calls with questions about reservations, rooms and dinner, but also, for example, to provide the telephone number of the doctor in case of minor accidents of guests in the area.
As Oscar does all the preparations for dinner on Friday and Saturday himself, he also spends a few hours a week on this and I (Wyona) also try to keep up with the administration, so the computer is busy quite often.

Then orders often come in (including from the laundry and wholesale) and between all these activities Vesper and Logan walk around happily (most of the time).

Fortunately, the grandparents are always close by to babysit and in addition, all four of them also have their own tasks (wanted or not); Grandpa Gerrie is master turf (the lawn is neat!) Grandma Joke can always help to clean a room at unexpected moments. Grandpa Peter is the handyman in case of a leaking roof (and all other inconveniences that suddenly arise) and Grandma Hester manages to find her way on the computer as a backup for the administration. #family business

It is an adventure and a challenge, but soooo much fun with all the enthusiastic and satisfied guests.